As a commercial real estate financing specialist Düsseldorfer Hypothekenbank addresses professional real estate clients in Germany and Europe. The Bank is a trusted partner for large-scale senior investment lending in the real estate asset classes office, retail, residential, logistics, hotel and parking. Düsseldorfer Hypothekenbank boasts excellent market knowledge in these segments. 

In addition to direct deals, Düsseldorfer Hypothekenbank also engages in syndicate business. Clients can rely on a partner with a lean, efficient organization, who acts goal-oriented, fast and professionally.

Our operations are for the most part funded through Pfandbriefe. We issue unsecured bonds on a smaller scale. We see ourselves as a flexible, efficient tap issuer on the German and the international capital market. The type, terms and volume of our issues are geared to the specific needs of our investors.

Modern risk management and risk controlling is a further foundation of our success. We are seeking to achieve a top position in the risk rating of lending and trading transactions.